Our barcode labels reduce the risks of mistakes and enhance efficiency

Forgetting a single item during a kitchen cabinet delivery is very expensive. If installers discover it too late, the work can’t move forward without a second delivery. Everything gets delayed. And it looks bad in front of your customer!

This ERP shipping software comes with barcode labels, that when applied on all outgoing materials, reduces the risks of mistakes and allows you to track the exact status of an order.


Beautiful, handy, efficient: who could ask for more?

In order to make shipping faster (and shipping boxes, prettier), Cienapps allows you to fully customize the content and appearance of your shipping labels. Edit the layout, add a barcode, your logo and even, a nice little Maple Leaf Flag that reads “Proudly Made in Canada” for customs. Shipping labels are not only great-looking, but also help make your operations more efficient. Scanning them automatically updates product statuses in Cienapps (whether for a single product or for a bundle of materials sharing one label), making work go much faster.


Unleash the power of BEEP!

If we were to hold a race between a computer mouse and a barcode scanner, there’s little doubt on which would come out ahead. Beep! We just updated the status for all products bundled together on a single barcode. Beep! We just recorded the date and exact time this package was scanned. Beep! The system lets you know the product quantity for this bundle is too high, to prevent any mistakes. It would take a lot more “Clicks” to get all this done.


Because if it’s not on the list, it doesn’t exist.

Bringing home the groceries, discovering something’s missing and having to go back sure is unpleasant. But sending a delivery truck back to a job site because a single cabinet or a single handle was missing from the order, is both unpleasant AND considerably more expensive.

Cienapps’ shipping product list acts as a safety net to avoid forgetting stuff back at the shop. It’s all there, leaving no room for mistakes: product description, code, name, barcode, height, width, depth, product category and more. And until the shipping label has been scanned (with date and timestamp, yes yes) to confirm the product is shipped, the information displays in bright red. You can’t go wrong!


Can it be shipped or not? It’s up to you.

Some things can be shipped, like finished products. Others can’t, like most materials. But for a few of them, “it depends.” Like a spice rack you’d never ship on its own, but that might be built-in a specific cabinet model. So, “it depends”. In a single click, Cienapps allows you to define which products can be shipped. You can even group multiple, identical products together as a single shippable package, like a bundle of trims or crown mouldings. “It depends?” Not anymore!


Cienapps works YOUR way

Even if shipping is mostly about “putting stuff in a truck and driving it somewhere,” there are still subtleties to it. If a single truck needs to deliver cabinets and accessories to different homes, you need to know exactly who this specific cabinet belongs to. But if the truck is delivering a bunch of identical kitchen modules for a condo project, only the quantity matters. Just scan the barcodes to automatically update the information in Cienapps, without having to type in a specific Work Order, no matter how you handle shipping!


Everything you need to know

Display shipped quantities for all projects straight from the order screen. Need more details? Access a specific Shipping Order from the order screen or Work Order to review, line by line, the status of each product. You’ll know where things stand at all times, and whether a project is ready to be invoiced, in part or in full.


Easy as 1-2-3!

Was this product shipped? The answer is not necessarily “yes” or “no”. It’s more likely “not yet”, “it’s being shipped right now” or “yes, and it has arrived at its destination”. Cienapps allows you to track progress on all current shipments using these three steps, displayed throughout the software. As long as an order hasn’t been shipped in full, Cienapps will remind you of which products are missing, so nothing is left behind.


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