The Salesmodule will allow you preparing quotes at least 25% faster

By centralizing all product information in a single, custom catalogue, the Salesmodule works as a ERP tool that allows you to prepare individual quotes at least 25% more quickly. This sales software because data is shared automatically across multiple departments, you avoid kicking off a new project with an expensive “cut and paste” misunderstanding.

A series of tools makes it possible to monitor your sales and proposals closely and asses if you’re on track to reach your goals.


The quote is the collection of all the information needed to complete a sale. You will find your client’s information, the project information as well as all the projects desired by your client. The quote form offers you several functions to conclude your sales, such as the stages of progress, the follow-up notes, the email sent as well as the projected date of conclusion. All these tools will allow you to better manage your sales.


Global feature creation

A global feature consists in defining a set of characteristics (options) that will apply to a large number of products in the kitchen. It is possible to manage as many global features as needed.

For example, if in your kitchen project the upper cabinets are made of a different material and color than the lower cabinets and the island, you will have two global features. You will be able to add products quickly and assign them the right global feature to save time in configuring your project.

Specific feature

A kitchen represents a million possible choices and combinations. That’s why we give you the flexibility to create as many features as you need to complete your customer’s wish list.

Once your global feature is applied. Some cabinets or products need to have features (options) to determine the complete specifications for that item in order to be clear in the whole process and avoid any mistakes.



A contract in your image

Because we believe your choice of contract templates should go beyond “the ugly one” and “the uglier one.” Cienapps offers bold documents in your company’s image, 100% customizable, in both English and French. Contracts can support multiple signature fields and generate several values automatically, such as customer name, invoice number, salesperson name and required deposit.


It’s quite dashing!

Bring together all your Sales KPIs for a visual, intuitive overview: closing rate, sales funnel, best opportunities, best salespeople, quote activity history, number of projects per stage, ongoing projects, lost opportunities, monthly sales… Display adjusts automatically, depending on whether you’re sitting in front of your computer or using a large screen in the conference room.

Find the exact information you need by choosing custom dates, a specific point of sales or browsing through detailed quotes.


Redefining company collaboration

Whether in the corporate world or being a couple at home, communication is key. o prevent misunderstandings, omissions and scenes of “You never asked me that!” our CIE Task Management System centralizes all important communications and orders them chronologically.

Create a task for a colleague to contact a client. Send a reminder before your next team meeting. Review the list of actions assigned to each task to follow its progress. Someone sends you a task that shouldn’t be assigned to you? Give it to a colleague instead or forward it by email.


Import and analyze

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Import and analyze You know your goal, but are you getting close? With Cienapps, simply import your Excel spreadsheet to unlock countless features to follow your progress. Compare objectives with actual sales results by employee, by franchise or by point of sales, for a specific period (weekly, monthly, quarterly or custom).

Get an overview of the value of ongoing, lost and accepted quotes, as well as closing rates, to spot trends and improve your processes.


If only expansion was this easy!

Click. Your new point of business is now in business That’s it. You’re now able to access its own dashboard, its own objectives, its own sales results and any other information you may need in order to review its performance.Whether you’re only managing two locations or an extensive, coast-to-coast sales network, centralized information can be accessed quickly and easily.


It’s not about fortune telling. It’s about fortune planning.

To achieve maximum profitability, your company should be working at full capacity … but not over capacity, where the growing risk of mistakes, delays and overtime can hurt your bottom line. In order to better align sales with your shop capacity, the Pipeline tool brings together quotes, purchase orders, work orders and invoices for a defined period of time.

Compare the cash value of ongoing projects with your maximum capacity for an overview, or click on a specific project for more details. At all times, you can access the information you need before agreeing to a delivery date on a new project.


Technology working for humans

For a client, few things are more frustrating than misunderstandings and having to tell the same story multiple times. To avoid these kinds of situations, Cienapps centralizes and updates ALL relevant customer data in real time. In addition to contact information, you can quickly access a specific client’s ongoing projects, previous purchases and customized information, such as language, specific contacts for specific projects, job sites and any credit limit.

Information can be adapted depending on whether the client is an individual, a reseller or a retailer, with one or multiple addresses. It’s exactly what you need to take control of your customer files.


Let’s see how sales are really doing

Produce a full lineup of reports in order to analyze your sales data in detail. For example, you can compare sales by products, by salespersons, by point of sales or by product features, in order to improve feedback and facilitate decision-making. Real-time updates mean you’re always working with the most recent data available.


As easy as “ka-chink”

Finally, a powerful software that can manage deposits once the contract is signed. Apply deposits to their matching invoice, accept multiple payment methods (ex: check, credit card, direct deposit, cash…) and produce a list of outstanding deposits in mere seconds.


Don’t leave a penny on the table!

Labor, materials, production costs, fixed and variable costs: for each project, Cienapps takes into account all of these expenses and adds a pre-defined (yet adjustable) markup. You can know precisely what your gross margin and net benefits are for a single project based on its price. Review your ROI in-depth, whether for an overall quote or line by line.


Have everything at hand

No need to dig through countless emails with mismatched subjects that follow no logic whatsoever in order to find the Lost Document: Cienapps puts everything in one place.


Why write the same thing a thousand times when you can write it just once?

Emails like “Please find attached the invoice for your project” don’t need to be embellished and rephrased every time. Rather than having to write the same messages, again and again, define them as templates in Cienapps and import them as needed. Whether it’s to send an invoice, quote or contract or to follow up on outstanding invoices: most of it can be written in advance, in the language of your choice. For more complex messages, Rich Text Format editing (which allows the use of bold, italic and other features) can automate some of the work, while still allowing customization.


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