The Just-in-time ERP module to save on cash flow

The Supplying ERP module is designed to facilitate just-in-time (JIT) supplying: minimizing the delay between receiving your supplier’s invoice and your customer’s payment. It allows you to fulfill orders just as quickly –while keeping less stock.

Using online purchases powered by Cieblink, the Supplying module makes management a breeze, increases stock rotation and helps achieve savings on cash flow financing. A direct link with your CFAO makes it possible to automatically import an order’s complete products and material information.



Gather and conquer

In Cienapps, every single thing you need to complete a project in gathered in the same place: the Work Order (W.O.). What materials need purchasing? It’s in the W.O. Where are the technical drawings ? In the W.O. Your colleague can’t seem to find the quote? Yup, still in the W.O. The W.O. even highlights missing materials or in-stock merchandise that’s been reserved for a specific project.


Share across software

Whether your file comes from Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, WoodCAD | CAM or Excel, it can be used to generate a purchase list of finished products and components with a single click. Import technical drawings directly in Cienapps, then save them by client and by project, making the information easy to find later on. It’s a powerful tool to get rid of manual transcription and unfortunate “copy + paste” mistakes.


No more playing “Spot the Difference”!

“Hey, the customer changed his mind, here’s the new drawing.” And what changed, exactly? What impact does this have on the quote? On the work order? On supplying? Luckily, Cienapps knows the answers.

Import the new technical drawing to update the matching order. Before merging both documents, Cienapps will let you know the list of differences, allowing you to select the ones you wish to keep. This way, you make sure there are no oversights and that you’ll have everything you need for the project.


Less stock, more cash

The idea is simple: by purchasing materials as late as possible and collecting client payment as early as possible, your cashflow can be put to better use: like financing your growth. This mode of operation also helps reduce waste, damaged goods and storage costs. But in order to avoid just in time supplying from turning into a management nightmare, you need a powerful resource to handle it. Like Cienapps.

The software analyzes all work orders, lead times, minimum stocks and in-stock quantities to make sure you always have you need, just in time. It automatically regroups materials needed for multiple projects from the same supplier into a single purchase. Weekends, holidays, special schedules, safety time: Cienapps takes all of these into account, making sure products arrive at the right moment.

The Work Order Purchase tool turns complex orders (like doors or countertops) into simple ones. Any reference document relevant to a product can be sent automatically to your supplier along with the purchase request, to avoid any misunderstanding.


Grouped by supplier

Purchases regrouped by supplier will allow you to optimise your time while at the same time limiting your freight fees generated by multiple small purchases sent separately. Choose your supplier and regroup on a same purchase all of your products you need to buy from that same supplier, independently of your projects.

Visualise the status of your purchases and the work orders to which the purchases are linked. In this module, you will also be able to see which items need to be reserved from your inventory er specific supplier.

This means less bill of lading and receiving to manage. Less deliveries from your suppliers for more efficiency!

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A one-stop shop to buy from ALL your suppliers

Every supplier handles orders his own way. There’s one that prefers doing so over the phone, another with a specific form to be faxed. There’s that online store that looks ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE the other online store. Isn’t it time someone tidied things up?

The Cieblink platform allows you to make online purchases from any supplier, whether they have an account or not. Centralize your purchases and review at a glance the status of multiple orders, using an intuitive “red-yellow-green” logic. For suppliers with an active Cieblink account, you gain access to the most up-to-date price and quantity information. For other, a free “lite” version still allows them to confirm or edit information on an incoming order request.

The direct connection between Cienapps and Cieblink automatically updates the cost price with your supplier based on the most recent transaction, throughout the entire software.


The link between Cieblink and Cienapps

Behind the scenes, Cielink works hard for you. Whenever there’s a change in price, lead time or quantity for one of your purchases on Cieblink, the Cielink connection automatically updates the purchase status in Cienapps, depending on your supplier’s response.

And because Cielink helps Cienapps keep track of the most recently paid price for each item, you can always rely on this information. The software will even let you know if another supplier offers the same item at a lower price on your next purchase, allowing you to enjoy the best price at all times.


Consistency and savings

Ideally, your supplier’s delivery slip, your inventory and “those boxes all the way back there” should tell a consistent story. In order to make sure all merchandise has been received, in sufficient quantity and in good condition, each product line must be manually confirmed in Cienapps. It’s also possible to speed up the process by printing barcode labels.

If a supplier can’t deliver the entire purchase in a single delivery, Cienapps will take into account any back-order items. The order will appear as incomplete on the work order, making sure production starts only once your team has everything it needs to do the job.


The heart of your operations

Every time a product is delivered, returned or damaged, you need to know about it. Right away. ecause your inventory represents the core of your operations and all production depends on it. This is why Cienapp’s powerful inventory database can be updated quickly by multiple workstations whenever change takes place, allowing all departments to work from the most up-to-date information.


Put the “pro” back in products

Centralize all inventory information using a single, robust engine. At a glance, you can see if a product is in-stock but reserved for a current project, in-stock and available for upcoming projects, out of stock or awaiting delivery. If the product is in-stock, Cienapps will let you know precisely where it’s being stored (and more accurately than “it’s back there on your left, above the other thing”).


Reports that pay you back

A multitude of procurement-related reports provide valuable information about your inventory – and can even contribute to the profit line. Keep track of your product quantities and associated costs at all times. Identify products that are “sitting on the shelf” (such as less popular colors) for clearance and possible removal from your catalog. Quickly adjust inventory downward when a product is damaged by equipment, or upward if you find a box you thought was lost.


Infinitely customizable

Every supplier has its own processes, its own way of doing things. Like “only delivering particle boards in multiples of 50 units,” or using different SKUs than yours. Cienapps allows you to create a vendor record for each supplier and to customize all the information within, preventing misunderstandings and making communication more efficient during purchases.

Define minimum quantities or a minimum dollar amount per purchase, as well as lead times. Customize SKUs. Add as many contacts as needed (they may vary depending on the department or product type, for example). Convert received goods into units (ex: a single 600 ft. bundle of edge is simply converted “600 ft. of edge”) to make inventory management easier.

Even for complex products, you can set up a custom specification grid for each supplier, allowing you to communicate exactly what you need. The possibilities are endless!

Back order reports

Useful reports

Get back-order reports by supplier. Facilitate the follow up of your back-order products with your suppliers to minimise the risks of surprises!

React faster and optimise your inventory management.



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