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13 courses • 52 hours

Dive into the transformation of a high-performance factory. Learn project management, procurement, and planning with Cienapps.


Equipment and space:

  • Ensure access to Cienapps, Cieblink or Ciemetric.
  • A computer/laptop with a stable internet connection.
  • Microphone and speakers or a working headset.
  • Installation of the latest version of the Chrome browser.
  • A quiet, distraction-free space to follow the course, ideally in a closed room to avoid background noise.
Cienapps Foundations: Configuration
Dive into Cienapps from the outset, learning the technical fundamentals and getting acquainted with your instructor. Quickly get familiar with implementation steps, the roles of Super-users, and the basic setup of your Cienapps. This course is your essential starting point for navigating Cienapps efficiently.
Mastering Product Management
Delve into the world of procurement by setting up suppliers, categorizing products, and exploring the intricacies of product sheets. Whether dealing with melamines, edge bands, accessories, or hardware, learn to create products accurately. A comprehensive guide to mastering every product type!
Project Management and Work Order
Discover the art of project management by decoding the essential concept of ordering. From creating finished products to client and order details, this course provides a clear view of the entire project cycle. Also, learned the mechanism of work orders, their drafting, and management. With special emphasis on date management, this module aims to give you comprehensive expertise in executing and tracking your projects with Cienapps.
Importing Data from your CAM Software
Dive into the heart of procurement by mastering CAM imports. From manufacturing setup to merging with an existing project, this course covers all essential steps. Learn to prepare a pilot project, import accurately, link products and finished components, and ensure their compliance. Also, discover the art of optimized materials and the concept of product changes to ensure seamless transitions in your projects. This module is a must for those aiming to perfectly integrate CAM into their Cienapps workflow.

Automatic Procurement
Delve into Cienapps’ automatic procurement universe. Discover the “Just In Time” concept, set up safety lead times, and initiate relevant purchases based on needs. Learn to reserve products, manage purchase orders, and master the reception, whether partial or complete. This course guides you through each step for optimized supply chain management.


Inventory Management Optimization
Navigate the heart of inventory management and adopt best practices to maximize efficiency. Learn to finalize the work order for optimal stock management and master each step, from picking to inventory adjustment. An essential guide for effective inventory management.
Comprehensive Review: Consolidate Your Achievements
Review the key steps covered in previous sessions and strengthen your skills with a comprehensive review. This course is designed to consolidate your knowledge by revisiting the fundamentals of Cienapps, in-depth product management, and the nuances of project management. Whether to refresh your memory or delve into certain skills, this course provides a comprehensive summary of everything you’ve learned so far.


Time Management and Planning
Discover project management focused on time management and planning. Master calendar configuration, team formation, and anticipation of production capacity. Deepen your knowledge of the tooltip and completion rate for foolproof project planning.
Characteristic Configuration and Time Mastery
Embark on configuring internal characteristics, from time formulas to categories. Master the assignment of grids for optimal time management and efficient preliminary capacity. Refine your processor usage, from customizing views to syncing with the work order, for impeccable planning.
Task Processor Configuration
Determine the configurations that allow automatic task management by the processor. Set up your workshops, synchronize your schedules, and define influential products for smooth operations. Learn to structure time groups, allocate them wisely, and identify bottlenecks to optimize each step. Finally, adjust each product based on the time generated per workshop, ensuring harmonious production.
Optimal Processor Use
Navigate the processor’s universe and learn to use it efficiently. Familiarize yourself with the basics, use the right filters to select essential tasks, and manage them with ease. Access the details of each task, review relevant information, and verify their consistency based on the work order. This course equips you for optimal planning management.
Automatic Planning with the Visual Processor
Study the nuances of automatic planning with the visual processor. Learn to launch tasks, validate planning, understand generated results, and refine as required. A course designed to give you full control over automatic planning for efficient task management.
Summary of Planning and Time Validation
Rediscover the fundamentals of planning and time validation in a condensed format. Master the verification and adjustment of times for products, both individual and characterizable, within a project framework. Review the efficiency of the processor, time management, and configuration for optimal planning. This course aims to strengthen your skills and maximize the use of the visual processor.

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