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7 courses • 28 hours

Delve into the world of sales, shipping, invoicing, and cost analysis. Optimize your operations and master every business facet with Cienapps+.


Equipment and space:
  • Ensure access to Cienapps, Cieblink or Ciemetric.
  • A computer/laptop with a stable internet connection.
  • Microphone and speakers or a working headset.
  • Installation of the latest version of the Chrome browser.
  • A quiet, distraction-free space to follow the course, ideally in a closed room to avoid background noise.
Academy and Sales Force
Dive into the world of sales force and discover how to maximize your sales efforts through its features. While emphasizing the creation of sales points, managing clients, and the intricacies of transactions, this course will also introduce you to the central concept of the academy and the significance of the cohort.
CRM: Objectives and results
Explore the various facets of CRM, emphasizing sales stages and their progression. Master the management of closing dates and get acquainted with the dashboard to efficiently align your decisions. With hands-on demonstrations and a focus on aligning objectives and results, you’ll be set for sales management.
Shipping Management
Ensure you don’t miss a thing with shipping management. From defining shippable products and categories to scanning and printing labels, this course has it all. Understand the impact of shipping on work orders and orders, and learn to efficiently print shipping slips. Ideal for streamlining the shipping process.
Mobility with CieMobile
Learn how to optimize the management of your on-the-move teams with CieMobile. From selecting teams with mobile access to initiating field tasks, this module covers all aspects of mobile work. Master the art of scanning worked hours, efficiently manage attachments, and understand the direct impact on work orders and cost estimation. Essential training for those looking to make their fieldwork more agile and connected.
Billing and Accounting Export

Discover how to fully leverage Cienapps’ accounting tools through our cutting-edge training. From exporting to the accounting system to generating detailed reports, you will master every crucial aspect. Explore our advanced tools for sales analysis, inventory reports, work in progress, as well as multiple other reports that will give you an overall picture of your finances.

Cost Analysis by Project
Discover the vital facets of cost analysis by project. From creating a project to characterizing products, this course will guide you through all steps to ensure a clear and precise understanding of costs. Deepen your knowledge on the analysis of workshop time, products, and associated costs. This module is designed to equip you with all the necessary tools to assess and optimize the profitability of each project.
Time Clock Management and Analysis
Manage the intricacies of the time clock and how it can enhance time management within your organization. From setting work schedules to a detailed analysis of time by employees and by department, this course provides you with the tools necessary to understand and optimize your team’s working hours.

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