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Discover the Cienapps Academy, your gateway to complete mastery of Cienapps. Because we value excellence, we are committed to taking your business to the next level.
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Cienapps Training Journey

At Cienapps, we embody innovation and the constant quest for excellence. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil the Cienapps Academy, your dedicated hub for learning and skill development. More than just a training center, the Academy is the crossroads where knowledge meets application, where ideas flourish, and where every user can maximize the potential of their platform, regardless of their level.

With a multitude of resources, from live sessions to video tutorials, our mission is to equip you with the skills necessary to thrive in a dynamic professional environment. Join us in this quest for knowledge and learn how to transform your challenges into growth levers with the Cienapps Academy.

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Explore the depths of Cienapps and its mastery in supply chain management and planning during our next training cycle. Learn immersively how to optimize your manufacturing processes and share enriching moments with seasoned professionals. Spots go fast, be sure to reserve yours now!

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Course • 52 Hrs • 13 courses

Discover a complete mastery of project management, inventory, and planning within Cienapps, exploring every nuance and crucial method to ensure unmatched coordination and organizational performance.

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COURSE • 28 Hrs • 7 courses

Immerse yourself in project management with Cienapps+. Discover the art and science of optimal orchestration from sales to invoicing, while familiarizing yourself with in-depth cost analysis and on-site tools. With the expertise of specialized super-users, every step becomes an experience, every feature a revelation.

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Simply Automate

Dive into the world of the Cienapps Academy where each module is an open door to excellence in supply chain management and planning. Whether you’re in the hustle and bustle of your factory or the tranquility of your office, our sessions adjust to your needs. Every moment is an opportunity to learn, and with the Cienapps Academy, you evolve at your own pace, perfectly in tune with your industrial vision.

Elevate your manufacturing plant to excellence with the Cienapps Academy

Owners, super-users, dedicated teams, and passionate manufacturing industry professionals, the Cienapps Academy is specially designed for you. Dive into a learning universe where you will master every facet of our software suite. Become an expert in supply chain management, refine your skills in precise planning, and discover how to seamlessly integrate all engineering tools, ranging from Cabinet Vision to Microvellum through Mozaik.
But that’s not all; also hone your skills in the shipping process and master the art of invoicing, ultimately analyzing all your profit margins by project. The Cienapps Academy is not just a training, it’s your gateway to manufacturing excellence. So, don’t miss this chance: sign up now and be at the cutting edge of innovation for unprecedented productivity.






Master the art of design

Step into a new dimension of design with the Ciemetric Academy. Embark on an educational journey where creativity meets technology, turning your visions into stunning 3D realities. Allow yourself to be captivated by the endless potential of design with Ciemetric.



Elevate your catalog to the pinnacle.

Take your B2B strategy to the next level with the Cieblink Academy. Discover the secrets of optimal catalog and pricing management, and become a master in the art of negotiation. Join us and shape the future of your business relationships.



Evolve your management system

Dive into the heart of digital transformation with the Cienapps Academy. Equip yourself with the skills needed to harness all aspects of Cienapps and propel your business to the forefront of innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and excel.


Enhance your management, invest in the future of your projects. Take control now.

Systematic Approach

Learn to orchestrate each project with precision.

Adaptive Tools

Discover methods to anticipate every management challenge.

Effective Strategy

Transform your knowledge into key decisions for growth.